Alumna Selected as Dreamer into Doer by Martha Stewart Show

We were so excited last week when one of our alumni members, Erin Slater, was featured on a recent Martha Stewart show as the 2009 winner of the Dreamers into Doers contest.   The contest “celebrates women who have turned their passion into a profession” and Erin was honored for her work as the CEO of the nonprofit College Mentors for Kids.

Click here to read more and to watch the video.

Erin SlaterErin was also honored by our organization this summer with the 10th Anniversary Award from the Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service (IPVS).  She is a 1999 alumna of IPVS where she served as an intern with the St. Florian Leadership Center’s summer youth camp. 

This past summer she shared the Leadership Principles she learned while a St. Florian intern with our students:
1. Set a goal, clear a direct path to your goal, and prepare someone to take your place.
2. Power. If you abuse it, you lose it.
3. Character is the most important aspect of being a leader. It’s how you act when no one is watching.
4. Find a mentor for yourself and become a mentor for others. It’s the best way to grow as a leader and to grow other leaders.

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