Interning in DC – A Capital Semester Alumna’s Perspective

Guest Blogger Jenadee Nanini is a Junior at Washington State University Honors College in Pullman, Washington.  She participated in TFAS’s Capital Semester program in Spring 2009 where she interned with the Office of Senator John Tester (D-MT).


DC literally has its own culture and in order for you to understand how it can affect your life, you must experience it for yourself.Jenadee2

1.) Interning allows you to network and meet people from all over the United States and abroad with diverse backgrounds; yet, similar goals. You can see that we can accomplish great things when we overcome diversity in striving for a common goal. 

2.) Through your internship you get to put your knowledge and skills into action. It allows you to take what you learn in the classroom and apply it to all areas of your life. 

3.) The classes at Georgetown University are the best place to learn and live. Everything you learn in class is easily applicable to your life. I cannot think of a better place to truly learn and be able to use that knowledge in everything you do. 

4.) Interning in DC through Capital Semester gives you the opportunity to be surrounded by people with similar goals, passions, and motivation as yourself. When you are submersed with people of the highest caliber in your field, it results in your own personal growth. Everyone continues to set higher and higher goals and pushes each other towards excellence. 

5.) Interning in DC keeps you up on current domestic and international issues. You are able to see firsthand how Democracy works and how our government operates. It is a perfect peek of what life after college will be like. 

6.) Your internship allows you to test out jobs, prepare yourself for the future, and understand how other professionals excelled in their career. The advice you receive from working professionals is empowering, inspiring, and beneficial. 

Everyday I honestly think of “LIVE. LEARN. INTERN.” because that is truly the time in my life that I was able to bring all of my knowledge, leadership skills, aspirations, and experiences together in full circle.

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