Live Like a DC Insider

TFAS students come to Washington, D.C. to strengthen their education and launch a career that will make a difference in the world. And while there is no better place to learn and intern, most students discover that D.C. is an excellent place to live. Be it food, culture or recreation, Washington has a lot to offer, including these “insider” tips:



  • Smithsonian: You have probably heard about Washington’s world-Kennedyclass, free-for-visitors museum, but Insiders know to be on the lookout for new exhibits and events. The Smithsonian Institution’s website lists all of their events here.
  • Millennium Stage: Every evening at the Kennedy Center, there is a free cultural performance of anything from jazz to classical music, dance to rock and roll.
  • Check out the Washington City Paper’s full Fall Arts Calendar here.


  • Did you know that Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home, is justMount Vernon a bike-ride away?
  • Want to make friends, network, and have fun? Accomplish all by joining one of the many D.C. recreational sports league, including softball and soccer.

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