News You Can Use

With the 24 hour news cycle it can be tough to keep up with news. As a current or future intern having a good grasp of the power players, the policy battles, and the “front page” stories is a must!


Here are a few DC  tricks to keeping up with the news. Much of it depends where you are:


Walking : Instead of listening to music as you saunter  down Pennsylvania Avenue why not listen to good ole fashion radio? The top 3 news radio (in my humble opinion) in DC are WTOP Radio, NPR, and my favorite, Newstalk 630 WMAL.


Riding  the Bus or Metro:  This is the perfect time to read a paper or two or three. There are quite a few freebies available at most Metro stops:  The Washington Post Express, The Washington Examiner, and the paper version of Politico.   It’s a good idea to get a hold of the normal editions of The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Washington Times.  Reading the Op eds and Editorials  are a great way to stay informed.


Online:  Regardless of where you are when you’re online, news from around the world is at your fingertips. Okay, so I’m an old man who is still amazed by this fact. Here are my favorite online news sites:

The Drudge Report
The Weekly Standard
Real Clear Politics
CNS News


TV – I’m sure you have your favorite TV News Network to watch.  I like to watch (in small doses) programs that are the polar opposite of my own political perspectives. Sharpens the ole noodle and may on occasion give you something to think about.



No news junkie really gets a good fix without some time in the political blogosphere. A recent Washington Post survey listed the top 10 Political Blogs:

1 The Huffington Post  
2 Think Progress  
3 The Corner  
4 Political Ticker – CNN  
5 The Daily Dish  
6 Political Punch  
7 Michelle Malkin  
9 Talking Points Memo  
10   Political Animal  

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