Michael Collins named the 2010 Patrick Healy Award Winner

We would like to extend our congratulations to Dr. Michael Collins for his recent honor of being named the 2010 Patrick Healy Award Winner.  Announced on October 23, 2009 by the Georgetown University Alumni Association, the Patrick Healy Award was established to honor those who have given themselves in service to Georgetown.

Collins has been a TFAS faculty member since 1990 when he began teaching for our summer Institute on Business and Government Affairs.  In 1996, he also started teaching a course in the International Institute for Political and Economic Studies held in Greece. He began his tenure at Georgetown University in 1981, as dean of the School of Summer and Continuing Education.  In 2003, Collins was appointed distinguished professor in the department of English and dean emeritus.  He teaches courses on Shakespeare, the American idea and modern British theater and serves as a senior consultant to the Villa Le Balze.

This summer, IPJ student Jesse Daugherty of Creighton University interviewed Collins on his distinguished career at Georgetown University and his time with TFAS.  Here a few excerpts from that interview:


Q: You’ve not only been a part of TFAS, but you’ve also been a part of Georgetown University for many years. Describe the relationship between TFAS and Georgetown.

A:  Georgetown was founded in 1789 by John Carroll. He said the purpose of Georgetown was to educate citizens for the Republic. That’s been Georgetown’s mission for the 220 years that it’s been in existence. That mission has become something more like educating citizens for the world as Georgetown has become a global university. 

The same is true for TFAS, which was founded to educate citizens of the Republic and teach people the principles of a free-market economy and the democratic system. It prepared people to be good citizens, of this country at first, and then, as TFAS expanded after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, good citizens of the world.

So, like Georgetown, The Fund’s mission is to educate citizens for the world. So it’s a shared vision of education that’s kept TFAS and Georgetown working side-by-side for so many years.


Q: A lot of young people flock to Washington, D.C. What do you think students are looking for when they come here?

A: This particular city is the capital of the world, you can argue, and students want to be here because people here are interested in politics and international affairs. It puts them closer to what they’re interested in. Many of them contemplate a career in public life, public service, government or international affairs, and so they are drawn here to get some experience — not just work experience, but experience of what that life and what that career might be like.

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