Honors in the Global City: 2009 NCHC Conference

logo_nchcThe Fund for American Studies is a proud sponsor of the annual National Collegiate Honors Council Conference, which was held last week here in Washington, DC. This year’s theme, “Honors in the Global City,” offered a backdrop for faculty and students involved with honors programs at colleges and universities around the country to meet and discuss best practices, techniques, opportunities for academic and extra-curricular growth and to explore all that the international city has to offer.

As a sponsor, we exhibited throughout the conference and had the opportunity to share information about our academic internship programs with faculty and students from around the country. After spending a few days in Washington, many students were excited about the prospect of coming back to spend a summer or semester in the nation’s capital!

In recognition of the fact that getting a job in today’s struggling economy is continuing to be a challenge, we were pleased lead a session titled, “Experience Counts: How to Get Ahead in Today’s Competitive Job Market.” The workshop focused on giving students insights on finding an internship, making valuable professional connections, and how to use their internship experience to find full-time employment.

The students in attendance were enthusiastic participants, asking great questions and offering up examples of past experiences to share with their colleagues. It was wonderful to see so many students engaged in thinking about how to prepare for their professional futures.

We’d like to send a special thank-you to Joann Holmen from Purdue University – Calumet who served as our student moderator for the session!

Capital Semester Fall ‘07 alumnus and senior at the University of Houston, Derek Goodwin, was attending the conference and stopped by to let us know that because of his participation in Capital Semester, “a lot of doors had been opened” for him. I was great to hear about how much he enjoyed the program and how the experience has helped him since.

Honors students make wonderful participants in our programs – they are truly motivated students who look forward to the challenge of interning 30 hours a week in a professional internship while also taking a rigorous course load at Georgetown University.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with NCHC and providing opportunities to honors students by participating in the 2010 Conference to be held in Kansas City, Missouri next fall!

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