Capital Semester Student Receives Atlas 2009 Templeton Freedom Award

We are proud to announce that Fall 2009 Capital Semester student, Jacek Spendel from the University of Silesia in Poland, was awarded one of the 2009 Templeton Freedom Awards. Spendel, who is interning at Eastman Kodak this fall,  was honored by the Atlas Economic Research Foundation on behalf of the Foundation Globalization Institute, a Polish think-tank which promotes free-market ideas in society.


Spendel’s work on the book, “The Mythology of the Greenhouse Effect,” written by the Foundation Globalization Institute’s President, Dr. Tomasz Teluk, won him the award in the “Ethics and Values” category.  The book questions the science of global warming and was published right before the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Poznań.


Bernhard Adamec, another Fall 2009 Capital Semester student and intern for ATLAS, created a short informational video on behalf of the award. It can be found at:


Congratulations, or should we say, gratulacje, Jacek!

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