Open Doors with Your Alumni Network

Looking for a job after graduation?  In need of another internship?  Not sure which path to take? 

Your Alumni Network is the perfect place to look for answers to these questions and more.  You are probably well aware of your alma mater’s alumni network, but did you know that TFAS has a network of over 10,000 alumni around the world? 

As a current TFAS student or alumnus, you can put those thousands of connections to work for you as you enter the job market or plan to make your next career move.  Below are just a few ways that TFAS and our alumni network can be used as resources in today’s competitive job market.

Online Alumni Directory

Set up your account and log-in to our web-based alumni directory to put alumni information at your fingertips.  The database is searchable by alumni in your professional field or geographic region.  If you’re moving to a new city, this is a great way to make some fast connections.  Log-in to the TFAS Online Community here

Connect with Alumni in Your Field
Many TFAS alumni stand ready to offer job searching advice, time for informational interviews and additional contacts in your field.  Contact the TFAS alumni office at to be put in touch with alumni willing to help you.

Resume Polishing
An extra set of eyes on your resume never hurts.  Especially if that set of eyes happens to belong to an alumnus working in the exact job that you are hoping to land.  In addition, TFAS program staff see hundreds of resumes every year and can offer you suggestions to make yours stand out.  Send us your resume and we would be happy to take a look.
Job Postings

Each month we post new job opportunities in the alumni e-newsletter in the links section.  Staff also hear from internship sites and mentors about job openings so don’t hesitate to email program staff for opportunities as well.  The latest editions of our newsletter can be found here

Find an Alumni Mentor

If you’re a current TFAS student, be sure to take advantage of our TFAS mentor program where we match participants up with DC area professionals working in their field. These mentors are often alumni who can share advice based on their experience in the program and finding a job after graduation.

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