Professor Profile – Dr. Gary Armstrong

In 2008, the Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems added an International Track to its oldest program.  The idea was to broaden the program to include foreign policy and a more global perspective.  Since the very first Summer, Dr. Gary Armstrong has taught the foreign policy course.

Dr. Armstrong’s ties run deep with The Fund for American Studies and Georgetown University.  He is a 1984 alumnus of ICPES; and he received his Ph.D. from Georgetown University.  He has served as a Research Assistant to Francis Fukuyama and a Teaching Assistant to Madeleine Albright. (Not too shabby!)  During the Academic Year, he teaches at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, where he has been voted Professor of the Year by the student body four times!

Student admiration and respect also have followed him to ICPES.  A combination of lecture and discussion, his class is intense and requires original thinking and valid arguments.  Although some students have not experienced this kind of teaching format in the past, his students have gained valuable insight into the realm of foreign policy and a honed ability to defend their views.  For the past two years, students have raved about how much they learned in his class, as well as how much they enjoyed knowing Dr. Armstrong as a person.

Currently, Dr. Armstrong is leading the William Jewell College semester abroad program in the United Kingdom.  I am sure this time abroad will add another dimension to a great class, taught by a great professor.

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