DC Reality TV

2010 has been the year of DC Reality TV.  From cooking to drama, DC was the setting for at least four reality shows with potentially more on the way.  Want to get an inside peek into life in DC? Check out any of the following shows.

 DC Cupcake:  DC Cupcake, on TLC, details the escapades of the owners of Georgetown Cupcake.  A now explosively famous bakery, Georgetown Cupcake has its share of dramatic moments from fights between the sister-owners, to last-minute orders you think will never be finished.

DC Cupcake has just signed on for another season so if you missed it this summer, it will be back.

Top Chef: Hail to the Chef: Now in its 7th season, this Bravo reality series has moved to our nation’s capital.  From cooking for the likes of Nancy Pelosi to the CIA, Top Chef provides a unique view of the politics of DC from the kitchens that feed the famous. It’s nearing the end of its season so don’t miss it Wednesdays at 10pm on Bravo.

Real World DC was the 23rd installment of the original “reality” show on MTV.  While it ended in March, episodes can be found online at http://www.mtv.com and it gives viewers the opportunity to check out the sites and social scene for young professionals in DC. 

The show ignited a firestorm of blog wars between fans of the cast and neighbors who despised them.  If anything, the show can teach us all about neighborly etiquette in an urban setting.

The Real Housewives of DC:  Debuting last week on Bravo, DC is the much anticipated 5th city to be added to the Real Housewives series.  As is stated at the beginning of every episode, DC “isn’t about money, but proximity to power.” And the Real Housewives of DC illustrate through their social networking in every episode that they want to be as close to power as possible. Catch The Real Housewives of DC on Thursday nights! 

With more TV shows based in DC potentially coming out in the Fall and Spring, DC has become the new hip setting for the entertainment world.  Don’t miss your chance to get a peak into life in DC through any of these shows!

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