DC Food Trucks

Ever had a craving for a slice of pizza, taco or cupcake? Lucky for you, a new trend is sweeping the nation: food trucks. With the new television show on Food Network, The Great Food Truck Race, attention is focused on this tasty new craze. And don’t worry, DC is not left out! With over 7 food trucks trekking around our nation’s capital, we’re giving you the inside scoop on a few of our favorites and where to find them.

Curbside Cupcake: As if the current DC cupcake craze was not enough, now they are brought to your doorstep via Curbside Cupcake. This company boasts an array of flavors and posts their flavor of the day on their website. Check out CurbsideCupcake to find out where they’ll be today.

DC Slices: With homemade dough and sauce, and baked right in their truck, DC Slices serves up some of the tastiest pizza in the District. See if you can find them at http://www.dcslices.com/.

District Taco: Convenient for those who work or frequent the Virginia side of DC, District Taco is known to provide mouth-watering Mexican food to all those nearby. Nominated to be on the next season of The Great Food Truck Race, try to catch this truck before it becomes famous! http://www.districttaco.com/

Rebel Heroes: Known for its delicious subs and sandwiches, this food truck has already been written up in numerous blogs and papers as one of the most satisfying food trucks in DC.  Cuban inspired and absolutely delicious, try to catch them near you at http://twitter.com/rebelheroes.

Sãuçá: One of the founding fathers of the food truck craze, Sãuçá serves up globally inspired cuisine with inspiration ranging from India to Europe, and sprinkled with a South American flair. Follow them on twitter or check out their healthy foods at http://www.eatsauca.com/.

If going to all these different websites to find a food truck near you is too much of a hassle, you can lighten your load by going to http://www.mobilecravings.com/. They list the variety of food trucks in your city and where they can be found on a particular day. This tasty new trend combines convenience and desire to provide everything you need when a craving rolls around.

2 thoughts on “DC Food Trucks

  1. Hello! Thank you for writing about Curbside Cupcakes! We really appreciate it! That picture is actually a different sweets truck. I would love to send you a picture of Pinky, the Curbside Cupcakes truck. If you send me and email I’ll forward it along ASAP!
    Best wishes,

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