How to Add your Internship to your Resume

So you’ve got that DC internship under your belt – pat yourself on the back!  Now, you’re updating your resume and want to make sure your internship stands out.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind:

Experience is King: When all is said and done, employers are most likely going to hire the person who has the most applicable experience. Your internship was your first foray into the working world and it could be the key factor that determines whether or not you land that dream job right out of college. Make sure it is highlighted prominently on your resume by giving it the most space and detail.

Put It On Top: Your most recent internship should be the first item under the “Experience” header on your resume. Some students make the mistake of putting their internship in the bottom section of their resumes – bad idea. Your internship is real-world experience. Put it on top in the most prominent position, if possible.

3 or 4 Points: You’ll want to include at least three or four detailed bullet points that describe your specific duties and/or opportunities you had at your internship.  It’s a good idea to get advice from your internship supervisor or a co-worker on how to present your duties.  They will be able to give you the correct terminology and wording to put your experience in the best light possible to wow others in your field. 

Here’s an example from a real resume:


Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty                                  
January – September 2010
Washington, DC
News Department and Communications Intern

  • Contributed to the News blogs, “Off Mic,” “Transmissions,” “Journalists in Trouble” and “Watchdog.”
  • Attended and reported on international think tank and policy events, hearings on Capitol Hill and made audio cuts.
  • Ran the RFE Press Room Twitter account, the live blog and Facebook dialogues.

Indianapolis/St. Louis Woman Magazine                                                          
December 2008 – February 2009
Indianapolis, IN
Editorial Intern and Freelance Writer

  • Wrote the special section “Heart Health” for the February 2009 issue (included 7 articles).
  • Wrote the education feature series on Indiana and St. Louis programs, December 2008-February 2009.
  • Wrote/edited the “Out and About” feature spread (6 stories) and “Happenings.”

Got it? Good! Now get out there and find that next internship or full-time job!

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