Top Ten Reasons to Live in DC: Part 1

In this two part series, TFAS staff members have compiled their own top ten reasons to live in DC. Check out this week’s reasons, numbers 10 through 6.

 10. Location, location, location: DC is conveniently situated on the Eastern seaboard, making travel to cities like Philadelphia, New York City and Baltimore easy. There are three major airports nearby, as well as numerous trains and buses arriving and leaving DC throughout the day. 

 9. Pedestrian Friendly: No car? No problem! DC’s Metrorail and bus system is one of the most efficient and cleanest systems in the world. You don’t need to worry about driving in a city or finding parking, when you can hop on a train or bus almost anywhere in the city and surrounding suburbs.

 8. City Design: Do most cities make you claustrophobic? Then DC is the place for you! With a set height limit on buildings within the District (can’t be any taller than the Capitol Building), the National Mall as its central point, and Potomac River and Rock Creek Park framing its southwestern border, DC gives you all the convenience of a city with all the comforts of a suburb.

 7. Foodies Paradise: From chili dogs at Bens Chili Bowl to Italian served to DC’s VIPs at Cafe Milano, from top-notch Mexican cuisine at Lauriol Plaza to deconstructed gourmet meals at Mini bar, DC has anything and everything the foodie is looking for at any price. Whether you want to pick something up from a food truck or have a leisurely five-course meal at a five-star restaurant, you’ll find it all here.

 6. International Influence: Leaving out cuisine, DC is still one of America’s most international cities. With beautiful and historic Embassy Row on Massachusetts Avenue, you only have to take a walk to see the variety of nations represented in Washington. Not to mention the fact that people from all over the world call DC their home. At any point in your day you can hear people speaking many different languages from French to Arabic.

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