Top Ten Reasons to Live in DC: Part 2

In this two part series, TFAS staff members have compiled their own top ten reasons to live in DC. Check out this week’s reasons, numbers 5 through 1.

5.  Proximity to Power: One of the benefits of living in the nation’s capital is being where laws are made and lawmakers live. Other then LA and NYC, DC is the best place to run into famous people, although the ones here are more likely to be government officials than movie stars.

 4. Young City: With many universities located in the DC area, and an influx of interns and young professionals flocking to the area every summer, DC has a high population of people between the ages of 18 – 25. This makes for a vibrant nightlife and social scene, and also means young people are able to achieve positions of responsibility at an earlier age. This makes DC a great place to kick off your career.

 3. Cultural Opportunities: With world-class museums, delicious restaurants, various sports venues, concerts, festivals and numerous theatre venues, DC is a smorgasbord of chances to broaden your horizons and tap into your particular passion. Whether you want to check out a classic film at Screen on the Green or have a laugh at DC Improv , there’s something for everyone.

2. Employment Opportunities: While the recession has hit many cities hard, DC is still doing relatively well due to the number of government-related jobs in the area.  Additionally, there is a wide variety of industries in DC besides those directly related to government – from think tanks and financial firms to media outlets and PR firms. Many headquarters of national nonprofit organizations are located in DC. The potential to network with some of the nation’s biggest power players allows for vast mobility within the professional world.

1. Political and Historical Epicenter of the US: From the War of 1812 to Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech,” DC has seen its share of significant moments. The wide variety of political rallies, high-level meetings and legislative battles that occur on a weekly basis continue to add to the weight of our nation’s history that can be felt by merely walking the streets of DC. This awe-inspiring city reflects its power through its monuments and people. Carrying that knowledge is enough to make the average citizen, intern, or tourist feel how truly magnificent this city is.

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