Missing Family and Friends?

 Being in a new city often makes you miss your old one more then ever. Luckily, DC is one of the most accessible cities in the nation! In today’s blog, we discuss all the transportation options that are available to help bring your family and friends to DC for a visit.


Trains: Often forgotten but highly convenient, the train is a great option for visiting DC. Trains run from Miami to Boston and everywhere in between. Even better, the majority of these trains go right into Union Station, which is located on the Red Line and makes transferring to the Metro easy. Check out both Amtrak and Marc trains to see if they run anywhere near your hometown.


Planes: With three major airports located in the DC area, you can fly anywhere you want to go. Ronald Reagan National Airport is located on the Blue and Yellow Metro lines and is extremely convenient for flying anywhere in the US. Dulles International Airport is about forty-five minutes outside of DC in Virginia, but can still be accessed via a bus from the Rosslyn Metro Station on the Blue and Orange lines. The Baltimore-Washington Airport is just a short train ride away and is a Southwest hub, providing some lower-cost flight options.


 Busses: While more convenient for those located in the Northeast, there are numerous busses that travel in and out of DC on a daily basis to locals such as Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City. Whether you’re just looking to get away for a weekend or you have friends in any of those cities looking to visit, the bus is the inexpensive way to get around.  Check out DC2NY, Megabus, or BoltBus for schedules and tickets.


Cars:  Not the cheapest, but still a great option is renting a car. There are additional costs for renting a car under the age of 25, but with so many airports close by there are many car rental options to choose from. 

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