Election 2010: Let the Countdown Begin

The clock is ticking! In less than 24 hours voters will head to the nearest polling precinct and cast their ballots. Here in Washington, DC we like to think that we live in the center of power. Tomorrow is a healthy reminder that at the end of the day the power resides in the hands of the people and nowhere else.

Congress: To say that there are a lot of nervous people on Capitol Hill today would be an understatement. When the election results are in late Tuesday night, many staffers in the House and Senate will be receiving pink slips from the American people. Some staffers stand to gain promotions and new opportunities with the election results.

Unless the polling is grossly incorrect, it’s very likely that the Democrats will lose control of the House. Republicans are undoubtedly relishing the likely prospect of Rep. Nancy Pelosi handing over the speaker’s gavel to Rep. John Boehner of Ohio. After four years as Speaker of the House, it will be a bitter pill to swallow for Pelosi and her fellow democrats. A new majority in the House will mean immediate jockeying for coveted committee chairmanships and other leadership positions.

The future makeup of the Senate is less certain. Yesterday’s Washington Post featured prognosticating pundits predicting the outcome of the election. The majority of those gazing into their political crystal balls predict that the Democrats will hold onto the majority in the Senate – barely. When the votes are all counted, those “in the know” think there will be 48 Republicans and 52 Democrats in the United States Senate.

Speaking of nervous people…I’d bet Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada is walking on egg shells. The latest Real Clear Politics polling has his opponent, Republican Sharon Angle, up by almost 3% percentage points – a statistical dead heat.

The White House: President Obama is back in Washington. His public schedule today is very light. Probably resting up from an intense few days on the campaign trail and steeling himself for what will likely be very bad news for his party and his Presidency. While the President’s name is not on the ballot, the election will clearly be a referendum on his job performance and will have profound implications for how he operates for the next two years.

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