Winter in DC

Winter weather has finally struck the DC area, and with the cold often comes the cold weather blues. Here are some suggestions for ways to cheer up even the dreariest day in the city.

Tabard Inn: Looking for a cozy place to grab a bite? With live jazz, the Tabard Inn is the perfect place to warm up with some great food. The setting for John Grisham’s the Pelican Brief, this historic location is a great spot to catch-up with an old friend and warm up and escape the outdoors. Check out the menu online.

U.S. Botanic Garden: Missing a tropical climate? Conveniently located near the Capitol Building, a visit to the Botanic Garden is a perfect way to transport yourself to another hemisphere. Free of the hazy swelter of the summer, as well as the bugs and bees that often accompany their outdoor exhibits, the winter is the perfect time to visit the Botanic Garden. Check out what’s in bloom at

Warm Up with an IMAX Movie: With an increasing number of mainstream movies coming out on IMAX, there’s never a better time to spend a few warm hours inside being whisked away to some far off world. The National Museum of Natural History and the National Air and Space Museum both have IMAX theatres that often show newly released movies. Check online to find out which movies are currently playing.

Hot Chocolate: There’s nothing like a hot cup of cocoa when it’s freezing outside. Try a sip at Coco Sala a “chocolate lounge and boutique” that specializes in all sorts of delicious chocolate concoctions.

Sledding in Rock Creek Park: At the intersection of O St. and 23rd St. NW, you’ll find a small part of Rock Creek Park that is often overlooked. It is a fantastic place to get in touch with your inner child and go sledding. You can sled into the baseball field below without fear of running into any cars or busy roads. The area is often empty, so at the first sign of snow, grab a few friends and run over for your chance to “hit the slopes.”

Ice Skating at Pentagon Row: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. This tiny ice skating rink surrounded by shops and restaurants is not as crowded as many of the rinks in the city. Only two metro stops away from downtown on the yellow line, it’s well worth the hike to beat the crowds.

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