New Years Resolutions

A new year means change is in the air. For many people this means making New Year’s Resolutions. Of course, it’s usually pretty hard to stick to them. Here are a few avenues to explore in the nation’s capital to help you accomplish all the goals you set for yourself in 2011 and beyond.

Physical Fitness: One of the most common resolutions every New Year is to get into better shape. DC, with its wealth of intramural leagues and gyms, is the perfect place to stick to that goal. Kickball is a great option if you’re more interested in playing a sport, and many churches and companies have their own teams for you to join. Ask your supervisor how to get involved.

If going to the gym is more your style, check out Washington Sports Club. With a membership that entitles you to go to any gym in the DC Metro Area, it’s perfect for someone who can’t always schedule gym time. Simply find a club near you (and with 18 locations it’s not hard) and pop in for a quick work out whenever you have a spare twenty minutes. 

If going to the gym alone doesn’t suit you, check out some alternative ways to get fit such as yoga, dancing, or kickboxing. All are available in numerous locations throughout the DC area.

Volunteering: If this year has you searching for ways to give back, DC has no shortage of opportunities. With hundreds of nonprofits working to make lives better for those living in your neighborhood, the options are endless. Check out Greater DC Cares or Serve DC to view all the possibilities near you, and be matched with something that suits your interests and hobbies.  

Try Something New: DC has everything from gourmet restaurants to low-cost theatre, and anything in between. Looking for some new hobbies for 2011? DC is the place to find them. Try taking a cooking class at CulinAerie or comedy classes DC Improv.

Earn Extra Cash: Who couldn’t use a little extra money to pay off bills or buy a birthday present for a friend? Consider becoming a mystery shopper, where you can earn money to test out products or restaurants for an hourly salary.

Or get back into babysitting. With almost 600,000 residents in the city, and snow days looming on the horizon, the odds are parents will need some helping hands very soon.  Put up flyers in your neighborhood advertising your services and any relevant experience you have. Be sure to include any certifications you may have – parents can never be too safe with their children.

If neither of those ideas work for you, pick up a part-time job waiting tables or bartending. Both are busiest on weekends and won’t interfere with classes or your day job. It doesn’t hurt that you make most of your money in tips, so you can begin your shift broke, and leave $300 richer!

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