Welcome Capital Semester Fall 2011 Students!

On August 24, 2011 The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) welcomed the new Capital Semester class to Washington, DC. The students have been very busy during their first month in the District with orientation activities; site briefings with the State Department, the House of Representatives, and the World Bank; their 30-hour/week internships, and classes at Georgetown University. They have also enjoyed a Nationals baseball game, visiting many monuments, and tours of the Library of Congress and Capitol.

Students were welcomed by alumnus Aaron Miles during the orientation session. While participating in the spring 2009 program, Aaron interned at the US Agency for International Development (USAID). After his internship, Aaron was offered a position with USIAD as a Program Analyst. He has worked in the US Embassy in Haiti, traveled through parts of the US, and gained professional knowledge—all which he hopes will help guide his focus for graduate school—through his current work.

Below are some remarks that Aaron shared with the new Capital Semester students:

“I learned from my experience in Capital Semester that you can make almost anything happen in this city. It’s not just about who you know, but where your
reputation can take you and what you can make happen for yourself.

So, I leave you with three things:

1. Work SMART! Everyone else will tell you to work hard, and you know you already have to. But sometimes you’ll have
to make work and identify new opportunities for yourself. Sometimes, staff don’t know how to utilize interns to their full capacity.

2. Get a mentor, or more than one. Don’t be afraid to express your desire to learn more and do more. I have four!

3. For this experience, some of the most important people will be the ones sitting next to you now. Networking is fundamental, but relationship-building is priceless. You’ll realize that as you all move into your successful careers down the road and keep in touch with your fellow program alumni.”

With that, The Fund for American Studies would sincerely like to wish the Fall Capital Semester Class of 2011 to Washington, DC. Enjoy your semester!

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