The Capital Semester on Political Journalism

The Capital Semester on Political Journalism is a 15-week long academic internship program that takes places in Washington, D.C. each spring and fall semester.  In addition to interning at various media outlets including Gannett Company, Politics Magazine, WTOP Radio and K-Global PR Firm, the fall class of 2012 has an opportunity to take classes as a full-time student.  One of their classes is a 6-credit Public Affairs Internship Seminar course accredited by Georgetown University. This class is taught by retired White House reporter Richard Benedetto who has covered the White House for four different Presidential administrations.

One of the best things about an academic internship program that takes place in Washington, D.C. is that there are many places you can go and events you can attend to learn about the Journalism industry here in D.C.  For example, Capital Semester Journalism students attended a luncheon at the National Press Club on October 12 where the Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, was speaking (see picture).  The National Press Club, created over 100 years ago, is a conference center for journalists and working professionals in the
communications industry.  Dedicated to the field of Journalism it hosts speaking engagements on a variety of topics from politics to entertainment.

The fall 2012 class also had the opportunity to visit the offices of USA Today and the Gannett Company, Inc. where they met with members of the staff and received a tour of the office. They will also have a briefing at Politico, one of the hottest new Newspapers/websites devoted solely to Politics.  This direct access to Journalists and those who work in the industry will give students an opportunity to start building a professional network which they can utilize upon graduation.  And last but not least, students spend an afternoon touring the Newseum.

You too can take part in the Capital Semester program.  Visit our website at to learn more about this amazing opportunity!

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