Nonprofit Internship Spotlight: Martha’s Table, Inc.

If you’re interested in interning in the nonprofit sector, Washington, DC is a great city for you! There are hundreds of nonprofit organizations in our nation’s capital that focus on a variety of issues including the environment, homelessness, education and healthcare to name just a few.

With so many options it can be difficult to determine what type of internship is right for you. In order to decide, consider the kinds of skills you wish to develop during your internship. If you hope to develop as a writer, then think about working in development assisting with grants and fundraising. If working directly with people is what excites you, then look into positions coordinating volunteers or managing programs. Nonprofit organizations also offer valuable opportunities in communications and research—this is a perfect fit for someone with a knack for public relations and a passion for a cause.

Martha’s Table, Inc. is an example of a small community-based nonprofit organization that offers both its employees and interns tremendous outlets for personal development and growth while making a lasting impact in the surrounding area.

Martha’s Table, Inc. has hosted interns participating in the Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service (IPVS) for the past several years. Known well in the Washington, DC area for providing quality programs and services, the organization’s mission is to help at-risk children, youth, families and individuals in the community improve their lives through educational programs, food, clothing and other opportunities.

In addition to their educational programming and meal preparation, Martha’s Table operates a clothing and houseware store called Martha’s Outfitters. This store provides the U Street community with a friendly second-hand thrift store and emergency clothing services for families in need.

Last summer Martha’s Table hosted two student interns from IPVS. One of the students, Michelle Palacio of Gardner-Webb University, played a crucial role in the organization’s daily activities in her role as volunteer coordinator. Michelle also assisted in planning and recruiting for Fannie Mae’s Help the Homeless Walk-A-Thon.

An internship experience like this helps IPVS students with the tools needed to secure future internships, permanent employment and make a positive impact on their own communities. To learn more about the nonprofit internships offered through the Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service and to begin an online application, please visit

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