Capital Semester Update: Victoria Vlad

As the semester comes to a close, Victoria Vlad a current Capital Semester participant from the Republic of Moldova shared some of her thoughts on her experiences in Washington. This fall Vlad interned with The Institute of World Politics, a graduate school for professional education in statecraft, national security and international affairs.

Below is Vlad’s refelction on her experience:

“The Capital Semester program is one of the most professional experiences I have ever had. Living, learning and interning in the nation’s capital is an incredible experience. My professional network has grown tremendously through the TFAS organized events and by attending hearings, lectures and workshops throughout DC.

Furthermore, my internship with the Institute of World Politics has been very enriching. I have been challenged to think outside of the box and from different perspectives. I have access to the brightest minds in the intelligence community, which has allowed me to learn a lot about strategic communication and Eastern Europe. My internship has taught me to see not only one side of the coin.

The classes, internship and site briefings have all contributed to provide an excellent learning environment for me.”

Vlad is a participant in the Fall 2011 Capital Semester program. More information on this program may be found at

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