Welcome Spring 2012 Interns!

It’s a new year and a new semester full of possibilities for our interns just arriving in Washington! On January 11th, 41 students arrived on Capitol Hill to begin internships, courses and special events designed to give them the experience of a lifetime.

The Capital Semester Spring 2012 class is a diverse group of students representing twelve countries—the United States, Indonesia, El Salvador, China, Spain, Myanmar, Vietnam, Egypt, Australia, Yemen, India and Portugal.

The new interns have been orientated to their new city through briefings and tours at the World Bank, Library of Congress and the US Capitol. They also found time for some fun by enjoying ice skating at the National Gallery of Art’s outside Sculpture Garden.

Students were welcomed to Washington by former DC intern and program participant Jordan Cook. While in DC during the spring of 2010, she interned with Koch Companies, Public Sector, LLC. Jordan is currently a staff assistant to Rep. Tim Griffin of Arkansas. She offered the new interns great words of advice on how to make the most of their experience in Washington.

“Whatever is thrown at you, do it joyfully. DC internships are competitive, and you’re lucky to be here. So, whether you’re stuffing folders, making copies, analyzing data, summarizing briefs, drafting multiple memos on the effect of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards on southeast Wisconsin— all of these are things I did, by the way— do it well, to its upmost completion, and have a good attitude about it.”

Cook also emphasized the importance of “noticing detail.” Congressman Griffin emphasized to his entire staff, “Detail is what makes the difference. It is what separates the good workers— the pleasant, the non-offensive, the just fine workers— from the great ones.”

Stay tuned for updates from this spring’s DC interns!

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