Thank You Notes

Did you just have a great interview for the perfect job or internship? Did you just finish your internship or are you accepting a new position?

A great way to show your appreciation and maintain a contact is to handwrite a thank you note. A thank you letter is a professional way to preserve a relationship with an employer, internship supervisor, or colleague. This extra step will surely pay off later in your career if you are looking for employment or a recommendation.

Here a few tips for writing your thank you notes:

  • Hand-written notes are preferable– In just a few minutes, you can make a lasting impression with a hand-written note, making you stand out from the hundreds of emails an employer may receive. Written notes of appreciation show that you are courteous, considerate and detail-oriented.
  • Keep it short– Choose three points you want to stress. Focus on items discussed in your interview or aspects of your position that were most meaningful.
  • Be sincere: Be genuine in your gratitude. Comment on the importance of the interview/job and how it will help you in the future.
  • Be timely. Be sure to send your thank you note promptly after your interview to ensure that your future employer knows how appreciative you are before he/she makes a decision.

With thousands of new people entering the job market, the best thing you can do is stand out. A great way to be a “cut above the rest” is to take an extra few minutes to write that thank you note.

2 thoughts on “Thank You Notes

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