Things to Keep in Mind as Your Internship Comes to an End

Your internship is almost over. Besides remembering to keep up the hard work and a positive attitude until the very last day, there are a few other housekeeping items to keep in mind.

Performance Evaluation – Ask your supervisor for a written evaluation as well as an in-person review meeting. This is a great opportunity for you to receive feedback on your skills and performance during your internship. There are likely things that you can improve on before heading into your next internship or full-time job.

Letter of Recommendation – Find out if your supervisor is willing to serve as a reference and write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. It’s great to get a general letter of recommendation before leaving, while your work product is fresh in his or her mind.

Resume Review – Ask your supervisor or another co-worker to proof your resume.  Ask for feedback on how you should include your internship responsibilities. The more professionals you ask to review your resume, the better.

Thank You Notes – It’s a good idea to hand write letters of thanks to your supervisor and anyone else at the organization who trained you, provided you with assistance, or took an interest in mentoring you during your internship.

Stay in Touch – It is very important to stay in touch with your supervisor and other professional contacts you’ve met during your internship. Send periodic updates on your academic progress or recent activities. When you are looking for future internships or full-time employment, you will still be fresh in their minds.

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