Professional Social Networking

As an intern, you are encouraged to meet as many people as possible to build your professional network. Those contacts will be vital as you continue to move up in your career.

However, building your network is only half the battle. Maintaining that network may actually be more important than building it. But how do you do that?

A perfect way to sustain professional relationships and build new ones is by using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is considered the premier professional social networking site where you can display your work experience, interests, resume, and much more. It serves as a virtual career board, where the connections are endless.

To take full advantage of LinkedIn you should create a detailed profile, complete with work experience and skills. You should provide short and concise bullet points under work experience to allow employers or job seekers to connect with your profile. Display your unique skills that will make you more marketable. Upload a professional photo to personalize your profile and allow other users to feel connected.

You should also join group discussion and listservs. This is a great way to build your connections and find a platform where you have the same interests as fellow users. These discussions give you current news and information about your particular field of study or line of work.

The connections you make here can be the stepping stones to a potential job and career. On average 20% of job seekers are hired after seeing the position advertised versus the 80% that are hired after hearing of the job through word of mouth or personal referrals.

Sign up for LinkedIn today and connect with your network, because you never know what connection will be the one that gives you your next big break.

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