Summer 2012 DC Intern Profiles: Part 1

The summer is underway, and interns are hard at work in offices across the DC area learning the ropes and gaining professional knowledge. Throughout the summer DistrictGPS will highlight interns from various fields and ask them to share their experiences. This week we check in with two DC interns, Esther Carey and Jeffery Garcia, who are already making a splash at their respective offices.

DC Intern Spotlight: Esther Carey
Program: Institute on Political Journalism
Internship: WFED Radio
University: John Brown University
Major: Journalism
Hometown: Richardson, Texas

Only a week into her internship with WFED, Esther has published four pieces on the outlet’s web page. A full-power radio station, WFED targets news towards U.S. government employees. Esther’s articles cover the following topics:

Esther has been especially excited about the opportunity to shadow WFED’s Digital News Writer and gain exposure to web formatting. She is considering a career in political journalism, so her internship with WFED will definitely provide a great jumping off point. In her spare time, Esther enjoys reading and bird watching- she even has a bird named Blue Bonnet! She loves Chinese food and lived in China for several months as her parents taught English. This summer, in addition to gaining knowledge and experience from her classes and internship, Esther hopes to sit in on a Congressional hearing and visit the Library of Congress.

DC Intern Spotlight
: Jeffrey Garcia
Program: Institute on Philanthropy and Volunteer Services
Internship: Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
University: University of Richmond
Major: Accounting
Hometown: New York, New York

Jeffrey is interning with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit organization focusing on encouraging youth to remain in school and educating them to recognize business opportunities. When asked to comment on his internship experience thus far, Jeffrey said,

“I am very excited about my internship and for the opportunity to help reinforce a message in which I wholeheartedly believe. The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship strives to teach low-income and at-risk youth business and entrepreneurial skills to give them the tools to build a better future. I can relate to this mission on many levels, and I am grateful for this chance to give back. I’m proud to be part of the NFTE team.”

At the University of Richmond he is the treasurer for Future American Men of Excellence, a student organization committed to building character and strengthening the bonds amongst the men on campus. Jeffrey also takes an interest in athletics and is a member of club basketball team.

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