Capture the Moment: Great Photo Ops in DC

There is no better way to capture the memories of your time in DC than with photography. So grab your camera and head out to these places that are sure to offer you a great photo op.

The Tidal Basin – The Tidal Basin is located just off of the National Mall and has beautiful views of many of the monuments. The Jefferson Memorial, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial are all situated around the basin. Try renting a paddleboat and getting out on the water to capture some truly unique shots.

Mount Vernon Trail – This paved 18 mile trail runs along the Virginia shoreline of the Potomac River and offers picturesque views of the monuments. The trail is multipurpose, open to both hikers and bikers, and runs from Theodore Roosevelt Island to George Washington’s Estate located at Mount Vernon.

Newseum Terrace – Located right on Pennsylvania Avenue, the Newseum has a sprawling sixth floor terrace that offers a panoramic view of one of the most famous streets in the United States. Here you will get a bird’s eye view of the U.S. Capitol, the National Gallery of Art, the National Archives and the Washington Monument. (

The Kennedy Center – Most widely known for its musical performances, The Kennedy Center is also a fantastic place for a photo op. Not only is the interior of the building breathtakingly beautiful but the roof terrace offers an incredible 360-degree view of the nation’s capital. Guided tours of the building are offered every 10 minutes Monday through Friday from 10AM – 5PM and weekends from 10AM – 1PM. (

Duke Eillington School for the Arts – A favorite landmark of Washington locals, the big green Adirondack chair on the front lawn of the Duke Ellington School is the perfect location for a funny photo shoot. It is located near Georgetown University’s campus at 35th Street and R Streets NW.

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