Summer 2012 DC Intern Profiles: Part 3

DC Intern Spotlight: Max Smeets
Program: Institute on Business and Government Affairs
Internship: Security Industry Association
University: Roosevelt Academy of Utrecht University
Major: International Relations
Hometown: Maastricht, Netherlands

This summer Max is interning with the Security Industry Association in their government affairs office. SIA works to promote pro-industry policies, and produces global market research to help its members build profitable businesses. As part of his internship he attends hearings on Capitol Hill, writes briefs, researches legislation, and contributes ideas to the direction of the association. When asked about his internship and DC experience, Max said,

“I am happy to bring a fresh outlook and differing area of expertise to some of the discussions within the association. From all of the ideas that I contribute, I am happy to see even one taken up by the association. The experience with my internship has opened a spot in the bubble of DC that allows me to see how Washington truly works.”

Max just graduated from Roosevelt Academy of Utrecht University with a degree in international relations. While there, he was chair of the political society and a columnist for the student newspaper. This is Max’s first time in Washington, D.C. and he is enjoying the unique experience. Upon conclusion of his internship Max plans to continue his studies in international relations in the United Kingdom.


DC Intern Spotlight: Morgan Lindsay
Program: Institute on Philanthropy and Volunteer Service
Internship: Kid Power
University: Wilson College
Major: Elementary Education
Hometown: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Morgan recently completed her sophomore year at Wilson College where she was voted class representative and subsequently elected to serve as the class vice president. She loves musical theater and performing. This summer has given Morgan exposure to her first internship experience. When asked about her internship at Kid Power, Morgan said,

“Being at Kid Power has made me realize that I want to be a teacher. I love working with the kids!”

Kid Power provides academic and nutritional programming, among other services, to youth in underserved communities throughout DC. Morgan’s time there has helped to reaffirm her true passion for working with children. Her favorite memories from the summer will undoubtedly come from her internship experience, which has taught her that she will accept any challenge presented to her.


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