Summer 2012 DC Intern Profiles: Part 5

DC Intern Spotlight: Rachel Kellerman
Program: Institute on Business and Government Affairs
Internship: US Telecom
University: University of Florida
Major: Finance
Hometown: Miami, Florida

Rachel is interning this summer with US Telecom where she recently transitioned from their law and policy office to their government affairs office.  The majority of her work with the law and policy division of the association focused on the pressing issue of cyber security.  She had the unique experience of working with her supervisor to create a toolkit webinar on the issue that will be utilized by professionals across the industry.  As part of her internship she attends meetings throughout the city, performs various types of industry analysis, and has been to Capitol Hill to attend hearings.  Rachel was eager to share with us her experience from a meeting at the Department of Homeland Security, stating,

“In attendance were individuals from all across the telecommunications industry discussing the issue of cyber security.  I helped my boss to prepare a power point presentation that examined the public and private sector partnership, and I learned a lot in the process.”

Rachel is a rising junior at the University of Florida pursuing a degree in finance.  She is actively involved with student government, her sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi, and her business school.  She has enjoyed her summer internship experience in DC and cannot believe that it is nearing an end.  In her free time she and her roommates have kept themselves busy by visiting museums, going to concerts, and shopping around the city.

DC Intern Spotlight: Troy Cornell
Program: Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service
Internship: YMCA of the National Capital
University: University of Arizona
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Glendale, California

Originally from California, Troy is a student at the University of Arizona where he is pursuing a degree in political science. Aside from his university studies, Troy is an avid traveler. He spent three years living in Shanghai with his mother and grandmother, and he has traveled to various other countries in Europe and Africa. He studied in Germany while in high school, and he has most recently traveled to South Africa to take classes in transitional justice and conflict resolution.
Troy gained valuable political insight and experience during a previous internship in the district office of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and is excited to be spending the summer in Washington, DC. This summer Troy is interning with the YMCA of the National Capital. When asked about his favorite summer internship experience, he said,

“I was asked to represent the YMCA at a DC United match where I was tasked with reconnecting the YMCA with the soccer club. My goal was to begin the process of establishing a grassroots partnership in addition to creating other marketing opportunities between the YMCA and DC United.”

Troy has thoroughly enjoyed his time in the nation’s capital and has embraced all of the learning experiences that his internship presented to him. He hopes to take advantage of future opportunities where he can apply his sports management experience.

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