Adding your Summer Internship to your Resume

Written by Mary Stankus, Recruitment and Admissions Director

It’s time to modify your resume to reflect all of the great professional knowledge you’ve gained this summer.

With the hustle and bustle of working life in DC, it’s hard to believe that the summer intern season is nearing an end. Although you are exhausted, and rightfully so, it’s a good idea to bring your resume up to date before leaving the District.

Why? You will best be able to put all of your newfound knowledge in writing while the internship experience remains fresh in your mind. You can also ask your supervisor to proofread your resume. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Keep the Formatting Consistent: Prospective employers do not take the time to read every detail of a candidate’s resume so make sure your information is presented in a logical manner. If your resume is organized chronologically, add your most recent work experience to the top of the “Professional Experience” section. If your internship was part of an academic program be sure to also highlight the university in the “Education” section of your resume. Keep formatting consistent, including font style, size, and spacing.

Experience is Key: At the end of the day employers are likely to hire the candidate with the most applicable experience. You want to highlight the aspects of your internship that helped you to grow professionally and will stand out as an asset to the organizations you may work with in the future. Highlight responsibilities and achievements that are relevant to your career goals and positions you may be applying for.

Emphasize, Don’t Embellish: When adding an internship to your resume, you want to portray your experience in the most impressive way possible, but do not go overboard. Put emphasis on the most important details, and be both descriptive and concise. Employers can see right through lofty exaggerations, and adding empty sentences to your resume does more harm than good. Many employers also value routine office experience so do not hesitate to showcase your administrative skills.

Get Feedback from your Supervisor: Do not hesitate to ask for advice from respected coworkers in your office. They can help you understand effective ways to present your duties. They will also be able to give you the correct terminology and wording to express your experience in the best way possible.


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