TFAS Summer 2012: Graduation Speaker Profiles

Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems-

Taylor Dickinson
Internship: U.S. Small Business Administration
University: Vanderbilt University
Major: Human and Organizational Development
Hometown: Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Taylor will be entering her junior year at Vanderbilt this fall. She spent a previous summer studying at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland where she further pursued her academic interests in sustainable development and non-profit management. Taylor has enjoyed past internships working with economic development and policy analysis organizations and is aiming to pursue a career in those fields.

Along with her participation in the ICPES program this summer Taylor interned at the U.S. Small Business Administration. During her time there, she worked closely with the Office of Credit Risk Management. Her experience taught her that her capabilities were far beyond what she knew them to be.

Institute on Economics and International Affairs-

Andrew Harding
Internship: Council on Hemispheric Affairs
University: Emory University
Major: Economics
Hometown: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Andrew Harding was born in Australia, but he has spent time living in Toronto, Pittsburgh, and Brussels. This fall he will be entering his senior year at Emory University in Atlanta, GA where he aims to major in Economics. Andrew’s time as a student of the Institute on Economics and International Affairs has provided him with new insights upon which to build during his final year of undergraduate studies. He previously interned at a consulting company, which focused on business strategy in the energy industry, and this summer he put many of his previously acquired professional skills to great use.

In conjunction with his enrollment in the IEIA program, Andrew is interning with the Council on Hemispheric Affairs. As a COHA intern Andrew has taken part in a wide variety of policy-based projects. For one such project he wrote academic paper, which was subsequently published. This internship helped him to improve upon his writing skills and build an understanding of the economic and political situations affecting the Western Hemisphere, which will aid in his future career pursuits.

Institute on Political Journalism-

McKenzie Romero
Internship: Hispanic News Link Service
University: Southern Utah University
Major: Communications
Hometown: Hooper, Utah

McKenzie has been involved with print journalism since high school, and she is very interested in the transition to multi-platform collaboration. She is the editor-in-chief of her university newspaper and managing director of a student-driven media convergence initiative. McKenzie is also a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and was named a Mark of Excellence national finalist. A bilingual Spanish speaker, she has studied abroad in Spain and served an LDS mission in Guatemala.

Through McKenzie’s participation in IPJ, she spent the summer interning with Hispanic News Link Service where she had the honor of being promoted to editor of the weekly newsletter. She covered events on Capitol Hill and was able to report on the Supreme Court’s health care ruling, along with many other breaking news stories.

Institute on Business and Government Affairs-

Henry Harrison
Internship: Business Industry Political Action Committee
University: Willamette University
Major: Economics
Hometown: Nevada City, California

Henry is a rising senior at Willamette University where he is majoring in Economics. His interest in the financial world led him to found Willamette’s Investment Club. Henry has been a tutor and mentor to members of his student body, and he has hosted his own campus radio show. Henry is also a collegiate athlete, playing on his university’s baseball and football teams.

This summer Henry’s IBGA experience enabled him to intern with the Business Industry Political Action Committee. During his time with BIPAC he was able to perform extensive candidate research and learn a great deal about current political issues. He has enjoyed his time with TFAS and was particularly impacted by the embassy visit, site briefings, and networking opportunities.

Institute on Philanthropy and Volunteer Service-

Sarah Gregory
Internship: Shared Hope International
University: University of Tennessee
Major: American Studies
Hometown: Tullahoma, Tennessee

Sarah recently completed her junior year at the University of Tennessee. She is pursuing a degree in American Studies and works as a resident assistant for the Leadership Learning Community. She takes on the role of fundraising coordinator in the residence hall and has served two consecutive summers as an orientation leader. Sarah currently serves on the Women’s Coordinating Council to promote gender equality.

Along with her participation in IPVS, Sarah has spent her summer interning with Shared Hope International. She is grateful for the responsibilities this organization bestowed upon her and is confident that the knowledge she gained will make her a better RA. Her summer experience with TFAS has positively influenced her career interests, encouraging her to focus on her interests in Higher Education and Student Affairs.


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