Fun and Cost-Effective Ways to Stay Active in the City

Written by Jennifer Fantin, Recruitment and Admissions Assistant 

Although swimsuits are on their way out, and we are nearing the relief of some cooler months, being physically fit never goes out of season. Exercise is a fun and healthy way to meet people, and it can be done in an affordable way.

Here are some of the great fitness opportunities that DC has to offer. Get a move on, and check them out!

Yoga District– If yoga is your activity of choice, pay this community-run studio a visit. The diverse students and dedicated teachers explore yoga for fun, health, peace, and a variety of other reasons. Teachers are trained in a wide range of unique yoga traditions, so there are a variety of different classes available.

DC is home to a number of other great yoga studios as well. Be sure to give them all a try and find out which one best suits you:

Recreational Athletic Leagues– Washington, DC has a number of recreational fitness organizations, which offer an array of team sports. These leagues promote the opportunity to engage in friendly competition, while getting fit and making friends. Offerings depend on the season, and registration can be done as a team or on an individual basis.

Fitness Groups– Join a Meetup Group to get some exercise without the high level of commitment required in a recreational athletic league. These groups are a great way to try out new activities, and you can base your attendance around your schedule.

Washington Sports Club– With various locations throughout the city, WSC is a great and convenient place to work out on your own time or participate in a fitness class.

YMCA– The YMCA also has multiple branches in Washington, DC, which makes it easily accessible to many people. In addition to their fitness facilities, the organization offers a variety of other services such as youth leadership and development, child care, and courses in the arts and humanities.

Independent Fitness– Take advantage of the great outdoors when the weather is nice. There are a number of great parks in DC such as the Georgetown Waterfront, Rock Creek Park, and Meridian Hill Park. The National Mall is also a great place to run, walk, or do outdoor yoga.

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