DC Intern Success Story: Jesse Schaefer

Written by Kristen Wright, Manager of the Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service

It’s no secret that past DC interns have used their internship and academic experiences in Washington, DC to leverage their future career endeavors across the globe. DC intern and Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service graduate, Jesse Schaefer, is an example of one of these outstanding young alumni in Washington.

Jesse interned with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship where she was a part of a dynamic team working to inspire students from low-income communities to stay in school and recognize business opportunities to prepare for their future.

When asked about how this internship prepared Jesse for her future career, she had the following to say:

“Like most IPVS students, I enrolled in the program with a sense that service was important, but it wasn’t until I began my studies and my internship experience that I realized just how important.  What I learned – that a spirit of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector are at the heart of our American society – revolutionized the way I thought.  When I graduated I left with a solid foundation of intellectual ideas combined with hands-on experience on which to launch my career.”

The solid foundation formed during that summer has led Jesse, a recent graduate of Washington College, to return to her alma mater as an Alumni Relations and Annual Giving Associate.  In this position, Jesse’s primary responsibilities include coordinating the Alumni Board’s Awards Committee, overseeing the local alumni chapter, conducting visits with loyal donors, and recruiting new alumni volunteers.  Jesse has also been tasked with planning and implementing a new program for current students to visit and interview alumni during their semester breaks. Jesse enjoys working in a small office that enables her to be involved in a variety of different projects- a great opportunity for a young professional.

Because of her experience in Washington, DC, Jesse found a great direction for her career and is currently pursuing her goals with great success. The lessons learned during her time in the nation’s capital continue to influence her professional life and have helped her pave the way to great career.

Are you interested in having real world experiences through your summer internship? Check out the Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service and other DC based TFAS programs at www.DCinternship.org to apply today!

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