Taking On More Responsibility At Work

Written by Dana Faught

At this point you’ve been at your job or internship for a few weeks. You’re familiar with the organization, conformable with your position, and you feel like you are mastering the tasks that you have been given.  You complete your duties quickly and find yourself with extra time on your hands. If you want to develop new skills, grow professionally, and be seen as an employee who is capable of doing more, it may be time to ask for more responsibilities. Here are a few tips to help you add a little more to your everyday workload.Image

  • Do Top Notch Work – Before signing up for additional tasks, make sure you’re doing an outstanding job on your current assignments. Be able to show your boss or supervisor that you have finished your work with high quality and ahead of the deadline. Presenting this with professionalism and sincerity will impress your boss and show them that you take your position seriously.
  • Talk to Your Supervisor – Schedule a time to sit down with your supervisor and discuss the skills that you want to develop. Share your career goals and ask if there are any projects that you could work on to further your knowledge on the subject.
  • Do Your Research – Educate yourself on the projects that your organization is involved with. Talk to coworkers to see what they are working on, and find out if there are project opportunities that interest you. This way when you speak with your supervisor, you will be able to reference specific assignments that you would like to be a part of.
  • Look for Busy Coworkers – Find the people in your office who need help and offer to lend a hand, but make sure that you clear it with your supervisor first. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the work of others or you may end up neglecting your own responsibilities.

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