Great Places to Get Work Done Outside of the Home

Going stir crazy at home while you try to get some extra work done? Tired of the same scenery that seems to be stifling your productivity? It’s time to vacate your living room (and your PJs) and find a new locale to serve as your productivity hotspot.

ImageA favorite of telecommuters and bloggers are local coffee shops. Boasting a “hip” crowd and delicious menu is Tryst in Adams Morgan. Commandeer a small table by the floor-to-ceiling windows or one of their mismatched arm-chairs and enjoy a large cup of their house roast as you work. People tend to stay and work for a while, so be sure to go early. Make sure you take a break to people watch!

The Phillips Collection recently opened a branch of Tryst in their Vradenburg Café. Enjoy a scrumptious snack or meal while you work in the café or courtyard with free Wi-Fi without having to pay admittance to the gallery. Be inspired by the café installment of One Day, After the Rain by Sandra Cinto. Perhaps the art will be just what you need to finish that lingering project.

ImageWant a bigger venue for working? Head to one of the American History Museum’s cafés for free wi-fi and different crowd to inspire you. Check out the Constitution Café on the first floor complete with a picture window that overlooks the fountain and Constitution Avenue or visit the newly renovated Stars and Stripes Café on the lower level for a more lively atmosphere, as it is the museum’s main eatery.

Hopefully with these suggestions, you will find a new working hotspot that will help you produce your finest work yet. 

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