Mark Your Calendar for Internship Application Deadlines!

Written by Jennifer Fantin, Recruitment and Admissions Assistant 

March is almost here, so it’s time to finalize your summer plans. Spending June and July on a warm beach somewhere may be tempting, but why not give yourself a productive break from the college routine and secure a summer internship? Interning over the summer is an excellent way to develop valuable professional skills and add experience to your resume. With many application deadlines approaching, now is the time to take your search to the next level and Washington, DC is a great place to look.

calendarThe nation’s capital hosts tens of thousands of interns each year, and there is no shortage of opportunities. Playing host to a number of government agencies, think tanks, international affairs groups, corporations, media outlets, and non-profits, Washington has a place for eager and determined students from any field of study. Because this city is full of so many intern-seeking companies, the competition for positions can be fierce. For this reason, it is always best to apply early. Be proactive and contact organizations you are interested in. Learn about the opportunities that may exist, and get your application materials together in advance.

Many summer internships begin in early June and continue through July, which makes the next few weeks absolutely vital when it comes to applying. You want to allow the employer time to review your resume, cover letter, and letter of recommendation as well as conduct an interview. Pursuing these positions as soon as you learn of their availability will show that you are a serious candidate. It will also help you to get all of your ducks in a row with time to spare as opposed to scrambling for employment at the last minute.

Do not procrastinate. Compile a list of positions that interest you, and begin the application process. If you are looking for opportunities in Washington, DC, take this quiz to find out which type of intern you would be.

Are you interested in an academic internship program that allows you to earn college credit and handles the internship placement for you? Check out DC Internships, and complete an application by March 7.

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