Appropriate Follow Up After Submitting Your Resume

Properly following up with a company after submitting your resume will show you’re a serious candidate. You want to demonstrate that you are a very interested without becoming a pest. Use these steps to guide you through the follow up.

Step 1: Check the job or internship posting for information on the recruiting process and hiring time frame. Don’t call the organization if the posting says no calls – that is a sure-fire way to show that you can’t follow directions.

ResumeStep 2: Wait at least one week after submitting your resume for the company to contact you. If you haven’t heard from them, reach out to show your interest (if the positing doesn’t discourage it). If there is an application deadline, wait at least one week after that deadline to follow up.

Step 3: Email the main contact on the job posting. Be concise but polite. Reintroduce yourself and let them know the position for which you’re applying.  Confirm they’ve received your application materials and ask about the next steps. Mention your continued excitement for the opportunity and ask to arrange an interview.

Step 4: If they agree, follow these guidelines to prepare for an interview and avoid common mistakes!

Other Helpful Tips

  • Have a professional voicemail message on your phone. Every interaction you or your voicemail has with a prospective employer may factor into their decision.
  • Make your social media profiles professional or private. Many employers check out candidates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites.
  • Be patient. The hiring process can be long. Feel free to follow up several times but don’t resend the same message. Make it clear you are following up again. If you’ve contacted them three times without a response, it’s time to move on to the next opportunity.

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