Summer 2013 DC Intern Profile- Luciana Mendes

Written by Dylan Reed, Program Advisor for the Institute on Economics and International Affairs

Dylan interned with the Maritime Administration in the Department of Transportation during the summer of 2012. Although he is originally from a small, rural town, DC piqued his interest and he plans to stay in Washington for many years. Dylan will begin to pursue his Master’s degree at the George Washington University for Public Administration this fall.


Luciana MendesLuciana is interning with the Embassy of Brazil in the Trade and Investment Promotion sector this summer. Her office’s mission focuses on supporting Brazilian exports to the United States and encouraging American companies to invest in Brazil or import Brazilian products and services. Although she just began her internship, Luciana has already begun to compile and analyze data on the commercial relationships among Brazil and other states. Her main responsibility over the course of the summer will be to follow the mission of the Embassy and serve as a liaison between Brazilian diplomats and American investors. She also has the unique experience of interning with her cousin from Brazil.

She hopes that her internship in DC will give her “a leg up” when attempting to find a job after graduation. Like many students her age, she recognizes the tough job market and is working to build relationships that will facilitate her movement into the professional world. Luciana’s main area of interest is diplomacy, which has been developed in both the classroom and now at her internship.

Luciana is currently a rising senior at the University of Texas-Austin. She is committed to moving to DC after graduation. Although she has only been in the city for a short time, the lively environment of Washington has captivated her. “There’s always something going on—no matter what day of the week it is. I definitely recommend saving a Sunday afternoon for brunch at Busboys & Poets on 14th and V- you won’t regret it.”

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