Summer 2013 DC Intern Profile- Steven Holbrook

Written by Aubree Weaver, Institute on Political Journalism Program Advisor

Aubree is working towards her goal of becoming a political journalist. A recent graduate of Le Moyne College where she served as the editor of the student newspaper, she has traveled, experienced, and learned, but is still excited for what lies ahead in DC.

Holbrook StevenAs a rising senior at the University of Alabama and an intern at U.S. News & World Report, Steven Holbrook has always been one to look for the next big challenge and opportunity. While interning in DC, Steven is on rotation in the “News You Can Use” department, meaning he’s gaining experience in five sections – health, money, retirement, personal finance and careers.

After just over a month in the city, he has already written for all but two of those sections and has seen four of his articles published.  With another four pieces in the works, Steven is hoping for many more assignments to come.

“I have been producing content for all of those sections.  I’m working on the website and writing,” he added.  “It’s awesome and I truly didn’t expect to be doing all of that.”

Currently, Steven is working on an article called “The Future of Food,” all about a little known substance called the miracle berry.

“It’s amazing.  I’ve been talking to a chef in Chicago about its applications and learned it could do everything from eliminate the need for confectionary sugar to help cancer patients maintain a healthy diet.  I’m really excited to be able to work on this some more.”

Back home in Alabama, Steven spends his time working, studying, and participating in various activities, including Show Choir, a few instruments, Sigma Alpha Lambda service fraternity, his school’s Honors College Magazine and more. Even though he likes to keep busy most of the time, Steven does have some advice for other interns in Washington, DC, himself included:

“Don’t plan it out too much.  Don’t have a strict agenda.  You need to be ready to go with the flow, because that’s exactly what you’re going to have to do.”

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