Summer 2013 DC Intern Profile- Pat DiFrancesco

Written by Brent Stevens, Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems Program Advisor 

DiFrancesco, PasqualePat DiFrancesco is a rising junior at Allegheny College in Meadeville, PA, where he is a double major in Political Science and Environmental Studies. An AmeriCorps Bonner Scholar, support coordinator at St. Benedict Education Center, president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, treasurer of the Student Government, and a certified primary aerobics instructor, Pat is a wearer of many hats. He can now add intern at the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) to his impressive resume.

The NAAEE is an organization that is dedicated to strengthening the field of environmental education and increasing the visibility and effectiveness of the profession, which matches Pat’s interests almost perfectly. Upon his arrival at the NAAEE, Pat was given responsibility over the different social media websites for the organization. “I just recently created their LinkedIn page. I am also in control of the Facebook and Twitter pages, which I use to promote upcoming events.”

Pat believes that this internship will give him a huge advantage in the job hunt. “I plan on doing something in business with an environmental focus once I graduate from college. I have been able to gain a lot of knowledge and insight about networking and working with professionals in the field.” He has been able to practice his networking skills not only with those in the NAAEE, but also with professionals from other organizations around the district. “I was able to connect with people from the American Enterprise Institute, and I will hopefully start working with their organization on my college campus to help spread the word about their college programs.”

Though a proud Pittsburgh native, Pat absolutely loves DC and would like to be able to live and work here after graduation. “DC is just simply the place to be. Everything is going on here. The business world mixes with the political world. This is the place you want to be as a young intern.”


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