Summer 2013 DC Intern Profile- Kristin Underwood

Written by Emily Towe, Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service Program Advisor

Underwood, KristinKristin Underwood is a Strategic Communication major at Oklahoma State University, and she is from a small town in Oklahoma called Idabel. This summer, Kristin interned with the Capital Area Food Bank through her participation in the Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service. When asked to reflect on her DC experience, Kristin said,

“Living in DC is very different from living in Oklahoma. I appreciate that the professionals here are always willing to help. It really is a small, well-connected city.”

During her time with the Capital Area Food Bank, which helps to feed over 400,000 people in the DC area, Kristin had the opportunity to wear many hats. She coordinated the organization of their new Text Outreach Service, wrote a published blog post, managed data entry of the Food for Kids department, and oversaw volunteer management for weekend groups.

“I’ve learned a lot about all of the work that goes into running a successful nonprofit organization. Whatever they need me to do, I’m there.”

Kristin was ready for anything when embarking on this DC adventure and it has ended up being the best summer of her life. Her favorite part of the experience was visiting the sites and making lifelong friends. A vital lesson from her time in DC is that people come from all walks of life and you do not know everyone’s story right off the bat. Treating people fairly and being open-minded is an important part of working well with others. She will definitely take that piece of wisdom back with her to Oklahoma, along with the great memories she has made over the past eight weeks

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