DC Intern Profile – Samantha Summers

With the graduation of our Fall 2013 Capital Semester class this Friday, we’re excited to feature one of the program participants, Samantha Summers. Samantha interned with the Heritage Foundation this semester. Heritage Foundation is one of the most well known think tanks in the United States. Here is Samantha’s take on her semester with the research and advocacy organization.

Samantha’s Internship Highlights

  • Meeting senators and congressmen at events put on at the Heritage Foundation and on Capitol Hill.
  • Writing blog articles featured on the Heritage Foundation’s website.
  • Touring the U.S. Department of Defense Headquarters.
  • Attending lectures focused on preparing interns for careers in politics.
  • Conducting research projects on topics such as the Affordable Care Act and the United States debt ceiling.
  • Receiving resume building tips from their Career Services Department.

“I would say that my experience at Heritage thus far has been tremendously rewarding. I have been involved in meetings that I contributed to substantially and listened to speakers who I have admired for a long time. Heritage has really opened my eyes to what it is like working with Capitol Hill, and I know now more than ever that this is what I want to do with my career.”

One of the best ways to gain a competitive edge upon graduation is to intern during college. A semester or summer internship will help you build your professional network, give you experience in a professional office environment, provide direction on your career, and in some cases, it can even land you a job.

If you are interested in opportunities at think tanks or other public policy entities in Washington, DC, visit the DC Internships website at www.DCinternships.org and read more about our summer and semester internship programs.

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