Up Your LinkedIn Game

As the importance of social media grows, networks previously used for communication amongst friends are taking on a prominent role in business. With this ever-changing landscape, it’s important to focus on networks like LinkedIn that were designed with a professional use in mind.

LinkedIn is a precious and underutilized tool. Here are some great tips to help you leverage this influential platform.

Online Resume – Before you begin to network be sure your profile is accurate. It’s helpful to include descriptions of your various roles with an emphasis on important accomplishments. Consider LinkedIn your online resume; it’s an easy way for professionals to see your experience.

Accuracy is Key – Accurately describe your current organization and the work you do. The same goes for previously help positions. Your profile can be seen by thousands of professionals so this isn’t the place for embellishment.

Share Interesting Information – LinkedIn is a great place to find articles on topics that interest you and your sector. Boost engagement with your connections by sharing these pieces, and using LinkedIn as a forum to discuss industry news.

Participate in Groups – Joining groups is a great way to build new connections. If you can’t find a group on a particular topic, create your own. This gives you the opportunity to bring like-minded professionals together.

Showcase Your Skills – Adding skills to your profile allows for people to easily view your areas of expertise. In order to increase your credibility, feature recommendations that validate these skills.

Encourage Your Colleagues to Join – An easy way to expand your network and the reach of your organization is to encourage LinkedIn usage within the company. Connecting with coworkers opens your network to their pool of contacts too.

Make Your Profile Searchable – With 200 million LinkedIn accounts, you want your profile to stand out. Include keywords related to your industry and skill set within your profile. This will improve the chances of your name appearing in LinkedIn’s internal search results.

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