A Foodie’s Favorite Time of the Year

Are there restaurants around the DC area you’ve wanted to try but always thought were too expensive? Well, it’s your lucky week! Around 200 local hot spots are participating in Restaurant Week 2014. This week it will only cost you around $20 for lunch and $35 for dinner for a 3-course meal. Any cuisine you crave: French, American, Asian, will be served at these reduced prices until Sunday, January 19th.

If you are worried you missed the boat on making reservations, don’t fret because you still have plenty of time. Use OpenTable.com to diminish the stress of making reservations with one easy click. You can even share your Restaurant Week experience with other culinary connoisseurs on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by using #DMVRW. For a list of participating restaurants, visit the official website here. Happy Dining!

Some Helpful Tips to Make the Most of Restaurant Week:

  • Branch out! Try a cuisine you’ve never had before, it may turn out to be your new favorite.
  • Check out the menus and what previous diners have to say about your restaurant of choice. For the pricier dining spots, Restaurant Week is definitely a great deal however; some restaurants create pre-fixed menus that might not be as cost-efficient in comparison to ‘normal’ weeks.
  • When making your reservations, double check that the restaurant is participating in the deals for both lunch and dinner.

Do you love food but live a little too far away from DC? Don’t worry- many outside neighborhoods are having their own week dedicated to deliciousness.

Alexandria: January 17-26, 2014
Howard County: January 13-27, 2014
Annapolis: February 24 – March 2, 2014
National Harbor: March, dates TBA

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