Reed’s Reads – The First Edition

Written by Dylan Reed, U.S. Programs Assistant and current graduate student at George Washington University’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration

Welcome to the inaugural post of Reed’s Reads! I launch into this monthly post by describing a page-turner that ruffled a few feathers here in DC.

This Town by Mark Leibovich describes the culture of DC – a city that ostensibly exists as the epicenter of public service – as a bipartisan realm of self-promotion. The book begins by bemoaning the attendees of Tim Russert’s funeral for irreverently passing out business cards in order to secure a coveted slot on Morning Joe.  Leibovich utilizes this example as an allegory for the rest of his book.

He paints an illuminating portrait of “Suck-Up City” that DC residents and non-residents can both enjoy or at least writhe in distaste while reading.

Anecdotes of interest include David Gregory’s ambition to be the host of the Today show, recently sworn-in Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s stop at a fundraiser on his way home from the hospital with his wife and newborn child, and the rise, fall, and rise again of “the most self-inflated press aide on Capitol Hill.”

While this book may not be rich in policy, it is a fun read for those interested in politics.

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