Keeping Up with Capital Semester: World Bank Briefing

Written by Asia Hege, Communications Assistant

Welcome to a new series: Keeping up with Capital Semester. Each spring and fall semester, we welcome students from across the country, as well as different countries, to come experience DC. In addition to inteIMG_8770rning for top organizations, we also make sure they get to have a little fun and explore DC! We plan various site briefings, tours and visits to Washington institutes while spending their semester in our nation’s capital.

Last week, TFAS Capital Semester Spring students attended a briefing at The World Bank, where they learned about the functions of the bank, as well as new anti-corruption initiatives happening in lending projects across the world.

The first part of the briefing included information about what the World Bank does and how it functions as a lender to low-income and middle-income countries.   The presenter shared figures about poverty levels throughout the world and how the bank’s goals have evolved since its inception in 1944.

 “I learned a lot about The World Bank that I didn’t know,” said student Justin Beirold. “The statistics about how the lending helps eradicate poverty were especially interesting.”

Ryan Elizabeth Cinney said the briefing was the first she has ever attended, and many of the statistics surprised her too.

 “I had no idea poverty levels are so high in certain parts of the world,” Cinney said.

The second part of the briefing included information about the World Bank Integrity Vice President (INT).  The INT is responsible for preventing corruption and fraud on projects involving World Bank loans, according to the presenters.  World Bank officials shared several case studies about how preventing fraud in infrastructure projects can contribute to fewer catastrophes in natural disasters, and protect communities in general.

The World Bank has 1,200 staff members in 120 country offices, with 170 nationalities represented.

Students are already fully immersed in their D.C. semester, as they began their internships at a number of D.C. organizations, companies and agencies last week. Other events planned for the students in the upcoming months include a tour of the Newseum, an NPR briefing, a Pentagon Tour and a Supreme Court tour, to name a few. Stay tuned and Keep Up with what the students are busy doing!

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