The Low Down on Business Cards


Written by Mallie Woodfin, Recruitment and Admissions Associate

There is no question that today’s job market is competitive. However, there are innovative ways for students to start the networking cycle while still in school. Business cards have debuted as one of these key tools. While cards can create a personal brand for students, people have different opinions on whether students – not yet in the business world – should have personal business cards.

Reasons to have a business card:

  • They are something tangible you can give to potential employers and contacts you meet.
  • They can showcase your personality if you are willing to put the time and effort to make them interesting and eye-catching.
  • You no longer have to carry around pen and paper in order to give someone your information.

Reasons to not waste your money:

  • Students should be the first to reach out to people they meet and want to connect with. If you meet someone at a networking event, it is best to ask for his or her card. This will allow you to follow up directly. The potential employer is unlikely to contact you using the business card you provided.
  • As a student, you likely do not have much information to showcase except for your name, cell phone number and college email address.
  • You could come off as showy and unprofessional; business cards are for business people, not students.

Having a business card or not is ultimately your decision. Cards can be a great marketing and networking tool if you are frequently attending networking events. But if you are a student who does not carry a card, do not feel like you are losing a potential job or internship opportunity by not having one. Employers pay more attention to your experiences and personality, not your business card.

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