A DC Presidents’ Day

Written by Mallie Woodfin, Recruitment and Admissions Associate

As you all know, this Mopresnday, February 17th, is a national holiday honoring our nation’s presidents. What better place to celebrate than in Washington, DC? There are plenty of sights to see and places to visit to pay homage to the 43 men who have led our country.

Looking for things to do? Here’s a list of fun activities to partake in this weekend:

  • The Monuments. If you feel like braving the snow, take a trip to the Mall to visit the Washington and Lincoln monuments. Take a stroll along the tidal basin to visit the Jefferson Memorial, and the Roosevelt is just steps away.
  • Visit the American History Museum’s second floor where you will find the American President Exhibit. The exhibit chronicles the life and times of U.S presidents. Make sure to check out the always popular gowns of the first ladies!
  • If you are in the Virginia area, be sure to stop by Mount Vernon, the home of our first president. There you can explore the life of George and Martha Washington and learn more about their inspiring story.
  • If you are in the mood for dining, there are numerous establishments offering specials. Our favorites include Lincoln, Teddy and the Bully Bar and The Willard (be sure to try George Washington’s favorite original drink!)

No other country has a holiday quite like Presidents’ Day. It celebrates democracy and the leaders that have made America great!

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