Reflections from a former DC Intern: Micah Melling, 2012

I remember sitting next to my roommate for the opening session of the summer programs.  I was in a brand new suit that I had bought for my summer in the Institute on Business and Government Affairs (IBGA).  I was nervous and excited for what the next 8 weeks had in store.  I somehow knew this would be a life-changing summer.

During my summer in DC, I had the opportunity to work for Resonate Networks, a digital media firm for political campaigns and Super PACs.  I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work.  I was valued by the Resonate staff and was given the opportunity to do meaningful projects for campaigns across the country.  A connection I made at Resonate has provided me with the opportunity to work in DC this upcoming summer.  As a current junior in college, having another opportunity to work in DC will hopefully pay dividends as I begin looking for a job soon.

IBGA also allowed me to study economics, politics, and ethics with some of the brightest students my age.  Even after a full day at work, I was always excited to go to class, hear the lectures, and interact with my peers.  The IBGA classes remain some of the top ones I have ever taken.  Additionally, the institute gave me the opportunity to experience the sites in DC.  Being able to see monuments, museums, and historical sites with other wide-eyed students still brings a smile to my face.

At the end of the summer, I remember sitting next to my roommate at the closing session of the TFAS summer programs.  I was in the same suit, which now had been worn for two months.  I was fulfilled and enthused from the past 8 weeks in DC.  I then knew it was, in fact, a life-changing summer.

To learn more internship opportunities offered through the  Institute on Business and Government Affairs, visit

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